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Your FL Citrus region DE group is planning for our annual events to be held at our “Home Track,” Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, GA. And we’ll also have a one-day DE at Sebring in May. We’ll have 5 run groups ranging from Beginners (our biggest group) to Advanced Solo.

Sessions start first thing in the morning and last until around 5 p.m. Those drivers in the Beginner and Advanced Instructed groups will be provided an instructor for the event. Please ensure that you can provide your instructor with an equal type of restraint system (i.e., if you are in a seat harness, he or she gets a harness). The instructor is there not to limit your driving speeds but to help you increase your speeds safely and progressively. You’ll also need to learn how to communicate on a track with hand signals and flags, so your instructor will teach you that as well.

We limit the number of drivers for an event to around 120 drivers and pretty much divide the cost of the track rental and associated fees between the 120 drivers. This is by far the best way to have a full track facility available for you to use. The Instructed Groups (beginners and advanced instructed) cost can be found on when registration opens. Non-PCA members will have a small additional fee but are certainly welcome, so bring your friends!

More specific info can be found for each event on Or you can contact either the DE Registrar, Kevin Duffy ( or the DE Chair, Bert Del Villano (

You don’t have to sign up as a DE driver to enjoy the non-driving aspects of the event, so we encourage you to bring your family and friends. Speaking of family and friends, all are welcomed to come out for a track parade lap at lunch on Sunday.

The event also includes a social on Friday evening at the track, as well as a dinner bash on Saturday evening.


  • February (Roebling)
  • October (Roebling)
  • See Calendar for exact dates

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