About FLC

Chartered on July 14, 1974, by key founding member Nort Northam, The Florida Citrus Region has grown from 25 initial members to more than 800 primary members living in Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake counties. We invite Porsche owners to attend our monthly meetings to get to know us and encourage you to become a member of our club.

We are best known for our driving events led by a veteran team of drivers/instructors, but our social events are also a lot of fun – whether you’re a “hot-shoe” or not.

Our club meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at either Porsche Orlando or Porsche – South Orlando  at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise announced on the calendar. Join us for chatter before and after the meeting’s business and then come along to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Our meetings are friendly, informal get-togethers and are open to all PCA members and enthusiasts interested in becoming members. Come and join us at our next meeting!

History and Past Presidents

The Florida Citrus Region was founded in 1973 and chartered in 1974, organized by members from the Cape Canaveral Region who lived in Central Florida. Nort Northam, one of the charter members, is still very active and continues to win PCA racing championships.

Here are the club’s Past Presidents:

1974 Founder Nort Northam et al
1974 Nat Pratt – Chartered 7/17/74
1975 Dave Theis
1976 Gary Stratton
1977 Luke Cain
1978 Thomas Ressler
1979 Linda Breeding
1980 Pete Rogers
1981 Mike Canine
1982 Thomas Ressler
1983 Buddy Tuell
1984 Marilyn Zielke
1985 Brady Owen
1986 Greg Gronemeir
1987 Chuck Fry
1988 Frank Oliver (Jan-Feb)
1988 Ron Folden (Mar-Dec)
1989 Ron Folden
1990 Andy Sullivan
1991 Mark Peebles
1992 Mark Peebles
1993 Frank Goyco
1994 Andrew Gaworowski
1995 Stephan Rahn
1996 Phil Weis
1997 Mark Peebles
1998 John Reker
1999 Gary Stratton
2000 Jeff Phillips
2001 Jeff Phillips
2002 Jennifer Barrows
2003 Jennifer Barrows
2004 Carlos Aviles
2005 Mark Peebles
2006 Mark Peebles
2007 Jim Kelley
2008 Jeff Phillips
2009 Chuck Hennings
2010 Chuck Hennings
2011 Steve Williamson
2012 Steve Williamson
2013 Steve Williamson
2014 Lyn Perez
2015 Lyn Perez
2016 Lisa Lewis
2017 Lisa Lewis
2018 Lyn Perez
2019 Lyn Perez
2020 Bert Del Villano
2021 Bert Del Villano